Upcoming Projects

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Upcoming Projects
Greetings One and all!   It’s a beautiful day here in Jamaica, hope everyone is in great spirits.  I am now putting together an update on the past pageant along with the updates that took place since the pageant as well as things that I  would like to put in place to all the sponsors.  I know this is important because everyone wants to know whats going on.  I have one suggestion.   I am now working with the girls and they are writing their thank you letters. They are excited as this is important to them because the sponsors played a great role in their lives.  I was hoping to put a package together tp package with the DVD officially labeled, along with the girls thank you letter to whom ever sponsored a child for the last Rutty Roots crowning of the First Annual Jamaica’s Princess.  We thank all sponsors who made this event a great success.  Most of the sponsors I know are just a hand reach away and a few are maybe 2-3 day mailing so it wont cost us much for mailing when he bring the packages up.  Let me know what you think.   Read on>
~ Addis Alem Getfield-Rutty
Founder, A Rutty Roots Youth Project

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