Summer Enrichment Program

There is a tremendous need, especially for youth in Walkerswowod for programs that provide activities and support for children throughout the summer and during the after school hours.




WYF is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to educate, inspire, equip and facilitate youth of all ages to challenge them to obtain a dimensional vision and to follow through with their individual passions.
Teaching youth the skills to become successful in life is at the core of the program. The four major components of the program are:

  • Arts & Craft This program is specially designed for age groups 4 – 12 years old.
  • Homework assistance through tutoring, mentoring and use of computer labs
  • Nutrition education to promote healthy lifestyles and combat obesity
  • Life skills which are integrated throughout all phases of the program
  • The after school program – serves _____ children throughout the school year. It includes homework assistance two hours/week , health and life skills.
  • The summer program – serves approximately _____ children and includes arts & craft and dance instruction.

Arts & Craft – Participants will have the opportunity to discover hidden talents, learn how many art forms are created, and experience the joy of creating works of art to share with family and friends. We are pleased to offer children an opportunity to work with tools in an environment that will allow them to complete their projects. They will get a true understanding of these crafts, new friendships, new skills, and lasting memories are the highlights of the Arts & Craft Program.   For the summer of 2013, we will learn to tie and dye, beading jewelry and accessories, sewing a pillow, embroidering, artistic murals and painting, design a flower pot and plant edibles, recycle blue jeans into a bag or skirt.  Our estimated time for this program is 12 days.
Dance Program – Participants will receive dance instructions as well as introducing a kaleidoscope of colors, motions, sounds and feelings in which the power of traditional and contemporary ancestral movements, and songs fuses with the influences of multi-cultural rhythms and traditions.
WYF is fortunate to have a corps of volunteers who are dedicated to the program and are available to work with the children on improving their academic and life skills.


We will be serving youth, ages 3 to 17. These children come from single parent families and/or live with a grandparent or other caregiver. We will service both males and females.



  • WYF strongly believes that the formula for providing effective, cost-efficient and high quality programs includes collaboration with many community organizations.
  • We will partners with the following groups:
  • The Bob Marley Museum – St. Ann, Jamaica (NEED TO CONFIRM)
  • Walkerswood Community Center/Walkerswood All Age School – provides computer lab for
  • homework assistance and life skill enhancement
  • Desta, Inc. – provides dance instructions
  • (university/college) students – serve as volunteer tutors and mentors
  • Mango Babies – provides healthcare for women and babies
  • Walkerswood Community Center – provides space for programs and possible tutoring
  • S.I.T.E. – serve as marketing and public relations team
  • Project EAT – supply meals for the program (???)
  • Rutty Roots. – provides curriculum for programs

To serve eligible youth, virtually all of whom are unable to pay for services, WYF has developed a fund raising plan which includes initiating an annual fund drive targeted to individuals; an annual banquet/auction; funding requests to area civic clubs and organizations; and corporate and foundation grants.