Rutty Roots Project

I would like to send a big “Thank YOU” to all sponsors of the Jamaica’s Princess Crowning. Your gift and generosity is greatly appreciated!

You help to make this vision a reality. Unity is Strength. Love you All, Stay beautiful and radiant!


Rutty Roots Project Presents The Crowning of Jamaica’s Princess March 30, 2013

Subject: Letter of sponsorship for Jamaica’s Prince and Princess Pageant

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite your company to be a part of a ground breaking event benefiting school aged children in South East, St. Ann, Jamaica. On March 30, 2013, Rutty Roots (a nonprofit community outreach organization) will host the first annual Jamaica’s Prince and Princess Pageant at Walkerswood Community Center in order to promote national and self pride for youth in under-served communities throughout the region.

Jamaica’s Prince and Princess is a scholarship and benefit pageant for both boys and girls ages. Prizes will include school scholarship, Bank Account and a Tablet along with other sectional prizes.
All the profits from Jamaica’s Prince and Princess will go directly to Rutty Roots Project which will help to provide sectional prizes in the pageant as well as continue on the on going community-based projects in Walkerswood, Jamaica.

Rutty Roots was established in 2009 with the mission of formally enriching the lives of the people of the community of Walkerswood. To date, we have donated well needed supplies, furniture, equipment and resourced services at the local clinic, community center, and the all-age school. Early in 2013, with thanks to the generosity of sponsors like you, the All Age School will receive enough desks, computers, electronics and supplies to support all the students. This pageant is a tangible extension of our outreach efforts focused on the youth of this community.

The pageant will take place during the 2013 Easter Season. 14 children will compete: 7 boys and 7 girls. We have taken the unprecedented opportunity included boys because usually in these types of events boys seldom get to experience the rewards of competing in a non-athletic forum and this event does not base its primary focus on outward beauty. We focus on intelligence, confidence and their natural talents. Since this event has a heavy focus on Culture,the contestants will need costumes, special makeup artists and other materials to bring the grandeur and the glory of celebrating the Jamaican on stage. We are also seeking your sponsorship for the making of the evening wear for each contestant (an average cost of JA $2500). Every child deserves the opportunity to be a part as they wish but your sponsorship will allow children of families who cannot afford to participate without assistance. For the reason, we ask that you consider sponsoring a contestant for the pageant.

All contestants will participate in multiple workshops to improve public speaking and interview skills, and promote self confidence. Most importantly, we strive to instill the value of mentorship, leadership, and service in the lives of these young boys and girls who join this pageant. All pageant participants will be given the opportunity to make an impact, leave a mark, build self confidence and set the stage for their personal success in their future endeavors.

In recognition of your contribution of JA $2500 ($30 US) (each contestant) or more:

1) Throughout our trips and the event the contestant that you sponsor will be wearing a Sash with your name or business printed as a symbol of our appreciation to you.
2) We will print your name on every flyer and poster that we distribute.
3) Your business’ name will be mentioned every time your contestant is introduced
4) The contestant will write a personal letter of thank for your assistance

This will allow others to acknowledge you for what you have done. We are sure that many good contestants will be able to exhibit their talent. Hope you consider our request for you to be a participant of this groundbreaking event. Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Patrice Rutty
Rutty Roots Project
Walkerswood, P.O
St Ann, Jamaica W.I.