Our Partners

We would like to send a hearty thank you to all our sponsors who give us their ongoing support and donations to help make this mission a success.


Trans Caribe Express Shippers, Inc. – Shipping the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America made easy!  East Orange, New Jersey

SiteMedia.us – Corporate Branding, Multimedia Campaigns, Graphic Design, Web Development, Printing – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Project E.A.T. – Garden Project and Sustainability Multimedia Campaign

Active Link US – IT Specialists, Systems Architects

Rutty and Associates – Human Resource Specialists and Consultants, Atlanta, Georgia

The Bob Marley Museum – 9 Mile, St. Ann, Jamaica

Mango Babies – Baby Concierge helping to develop youth mission in the Caribbean

Sunsplash Restaurant and Juicebar – Orange, New Jersey