One family, making a difference

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One family, making a difference

” I was heartbroken,” she said this week, alluding to a trip to Walkerswood, where she says children are hungry for both food and education. “Upon returning to the U.S., I made a solemn oath that I will use every resource and means I can think of to provide help and some relief to this school and community.”

The elementary school she speaks of already does its part to see that children are fed with a farm project that grows fruits and vegetables, said Ms. Gomes, a Twin Rivers resident who works in marketing and public affairs at the University Medical Center at Princeton. But more help is needed, and Mrs. Gomes has formed the Walkerswood Relief Project.

“Even with the project, some kids still go hungry without a nutritious breakfast and lunch,” she said. “Our dream is that each and every student will not be hungry during school.”Ms. Gomes is a member of the Rutty family, one which avoided the depths of poverty and despair that long has symbolized life for many of the people on the Caribbean island nation of more than 2.6 million.

The family, which owns Trans Caribe Express Shippers Inc. of East Orange, N.J. was able to collect enough donations from families and friends in the United States to send in 2005 a 900-cubic-foot container of school and office supplies to Walkerswood, a village of about 4,000 tucked away in the lush tropical hills of St. Ann Parish.  Read more >

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