Addis and our team have many great updates and will be keeping you posted here:

Upcoming Projects

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Upcoming Projects
Greetings One and all!   It’s a beautiful day here in Jamaica, hope everyone is in great spirits.  I am now putting together an update on the past pageant along with the updates that took place since the pageant as well as things that I  would like to put in place to all the sponsors.  I know this is important because everyone wants to know whats going on.  I have one suggestion.   I am now working with the girls and they are writing their thank you letters. They are excited as this is important to them because the sponsors played a great role in their lives.  I was hoping to put a package together tp package with the DVD officially labeled, along with the girls thank you letter to whom ever sponsored a child for the last Rutty Roots crowning of the First Annual Jamaica’s Princess.  We thank all sponsors who made this event a great success.  Most of the sponsors I know are just a hand reach away and a few are maybe 2-3 day mailing so it wont cost us much for mailing when he bring the packages up.  Let me know what you think.   Read on>
~ Addis Alem Getfield-Rutty
Founder, A Rutty Roots Youth Project

You can help!

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You can help!

Thank you for the opportunity to work together on our upcoming community enrichment projects!

In the few short years since its founding, the Walkerswood Youth Foundation (“WYF”) has played a major role in the transformation of Walkerswood, St. Ann from a town with many underprivileged children, with too much time to get into trouble to one providing these youth with a valuable structured program.  It is the goal of WYF to provide programs to “empower young people by providing various programs, to include but not limited to life skills program that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education  – resulting in real life power, in and out of the classroom”

A Mission for Self Reliance

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A Mission for Self Reliance


To serve eligible youth, virtually all of whom are unable to pay for services, WYF has developed a fund raising plan which includes initiating an annual fund drive targeted to individuals; an annual banquet/auction; funding requests to area civic clubs and organizations; and corporate and foundation grants.

Project E.A.T. VISION/Mission – It began with a simple homeschool project!
To conduct educational traveling exhibits while providing training for a Life Course in Ecology, Agriculture and Trade (E.A.T.) for the benefit of young entrepreneurs and troubled youth in inner cities and rural development communities; using empowering multimedia and special events, we publish this unique opportunity to create sustainable development communities for the enjoyment, education and appreciation of the general public.

Purpose – Powered by Youth!
To educate and inform world citizens with lesser exposure to the Green Movement, typically urban and rural communities domestically and abroad, of the dire need for a global commitment to more sustainable and green lifestyle practices.  Visit Project E.A.T. website